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A reimplementation of Corpuscle featuring an improved user experience and many new features is now available as a beta version at Feedback is welcome!

Corpuscle is a corpus management and analysis system for annotated corpora. The tool is being developed at Clarino Centre Bergen, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Bergen. The work has been supported by grants from The Research Council of Norway, the Meltzer foundation and the CLARINO infrastructure.

This site hosts several types of corpus collections:

  • Open-access corpora
  • Restricted-access corpora
  • Norwegian corpora
  • Corpora in a variety of other languages
  • General language corpora
  • Specialised corpora (parallel corpora, dialect corpora, language learners’ corpora, historical corpora and more)

All corpora are an integral part of the Norwegian CLARINO infrastructure.

To try out the system click on “Corpus list” to the left and choose a corpus to work with.


Access to many corpora is restricted to registered users after login.

See Getting started for more information.

Design & implementation: Paul Meurer, Universitetet i Bergen, CLARINO Centre, 2022