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Corpuscle is a corpus management and analysis system for annotated corpora. The tool is being developed at the University of Bergen. The work has been supported by grants from The Research Council of Norway, the Meltzer foundation and the Clarino infrastructure.

Corpuscle has a Web interface; in addition, it can be used via a REST/JSON based API (Application Programming Interface) and a CLARIN Federated Content Search endpoint.

The Corpuscle Web interface

This Wiki documents the generic Corpuscle Web interface that is part of the Corpuscle distribution. Since Corpuscle is built up in a modular way, other user interfaces can be (and have been) built using the Corpuscle API.

The Web interface has a vertical menu (with some or all of the menu items Corpus list, Query, Concordance, Collocations, Distribution, Word List and Documentation). When you navigate through the interface by clicking buttons or (internal) links, no new browser pages or tabs are opened, the interface merely switches to a different view (connected to a different menu item and/or tab) of the interface in the same window, keeping the same basic layout stable.
You can freely use the browser back button to go back to a previous view.

Corpuscle User Documentation

This list gives an overview of the Corpuscle Web documentation that is relevant to the user.

  • Signing in
  • Querying
    • The query language
      • Regular expressions on strings
  • Viewing results
    • Concordances
    • Collocations
    • Distribution and cooccurrence statistics

Administrator Documentation

  • User administration
  • Preparing and installing a corpus
  • Documentation Wiki
  • Localization to other languages

The URL of the FCS endpoint is: .

The service is still in a development stage.

The following operations are implemented:

API Documentation

Corpuscle has a REST/JSON based API that is currently under development. Basic functionality is implemented and documented here:

  • Corpuscle REST/JSON API

  • Metadata Editor

Design & implementation: Paul Meurer, Universitetet i Bergen, CLARINO Centre, 2022