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INESS, in cooperation with LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ (Prague) has been recognized as a CLARIN K-center (renewed until 28 November 2024). Also check out the LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ K-center site, which offers knowledge on many aspects of treebanking, with a focus on dependency treebanks, and offers various services including hosting and online search.

INESS offers an integrated environment for building, accessing, searching and visualizing treebanks. All its functionality can be used online through a normal web browser interface (such as the latest version of Safari or Chrome).

Access to some treebanks is open, but access to most treebanks is restricted to registered users after signing in. If you have an identity provider which is a member of the Clarin Service Provider Federation (SPF), you can probably sign in with your home institution account (please use the CLARIN SPF link). You may also use a Clarin IdP account (also accessible via the CLARIN SPF link).

How to work with a treebank? – use the menu on the left

  • Choose Treebank selection to select treebanks according to specific criteria such as language, type or collection
  • Choose between monolingual and parallel treebanks

Once you have chosen one or more treebanks, explore:

  • Sentence overview: Click on a sentence for a visualization of the sentence structure
  • Query: Type a query in the query window, then run the query with INESS-Search

LFG treebanks and interactive LFG tools:

For treebank developers (contact us for details):

  • Share your treebank so other researchers can explore it
  • Build your own LFG treebank and logon to your treebanking project

See also: FAQ