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INESS is the Norwegian Infrastructure for the Exploration of Syntax and Semantics. This infrastructure provides access to treebanks, which are databases of syntactically and semantically annotated sentences.

INESS offers an open, interactive, language independent platform for building, accessing, searching and visualizing treebanks. All its functionality can be used online through a web browser.

INESS hosts treebanks for many languages, including treebanks which have been created by others. The INESS project is also building its own large treebank for Norwegian, NorGramBank, obtained by parsing automatically with an LFG grammar. Parts of NorGramBank have been efficiently manually disambiguated with the LFG Parsebanker, while the rest is stochastically disambiguated.

The XLE-Web interface can be used for interactive parsing and disambiguation with LFG grammars for various languages.

INESS is part of the CLARINO Bergen Centre.

How to cite INESS

If you use any INESS services in your research, for instance, to search or annotate treebanks, we request an acknowledgement to INESS, mentioning the webpage and the following reference in your publications:

Victoria Rosén, Koenraad De Smedt, Paul Meurer, and Helge Dyvik. An open infrastructure for advanced treebanking. In Jan Hajič, Koenraad De Smedt, Marko Tadić, and António Branco (eds.) META-RESEARCH Workshop on Advanced Treebanking at LREC2012, pages 22–29, Istanbul, Turkey, May 2012.

Design & implementation: Paul Meurer, CLARINO Bergen Centre, 2021