COMEDI :: The COmponent Metadata EDItor

What is COMEDI?

COMEDI is a Web-based editor for CMDI-conformant metadata, as adopted by CLARIN.

With COMEDI, you can interactively create new CMDI Metadata records, or upload and modify existing metadata. A metadata record in COMEDI can be exported as a CMDI XML file. It can also be harvested with OAI-PMH.

COMEDI handles any CMDI-compatible profile. (At present, version 1.1 is supported; support for CMDI 1.2 and a reimplementation of the user interface is in the works.)

COMEDI works best in Safari or Chrome. It works in Firefox, but there are some known minor issues. They will be addressed in the near future. Other browsers have not been tested.


In order to use COMEDI, you have to sign in. Login is necessary to write protect your metadata records from other users. (You can however give write access to your metadata to other users on request.)

Please use the CLARIN SPF link to sign in.


Please consult the Documentation before using COMEDI. For any technical questions, please consult Paul Meurer. For questions about the use of COMEDI or general information about CLARINO, please contact the CLARINO coordinator.